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To achieve the unique, captivating luminescent effect, Richard Orlinski set up a four-step process. The first step is to paint the sculpture white, then a special luminescent paint is applied, which has the particularity of absorbing daylight and glowing in the dark. Then to create the crackled effect so sought-after, the artist applies several products that act synergistically to create this unique effect. Wild Kong Luminescent is varnished in a very short space of time to freeze the crackled, luminous effect. This artwork of art plays with light and the collector’s visual perception.

We offer different variants on the site, in addition to the variants already published. For the full range of colors and materials, please contact us.

Existing dimensions
25cm / 30cm / 37cm / 52cm / 80cm / 110cm / 150cm / 180cm / 230cm / 300cm / 500cm