A trend in the 70s, fractal resin is back with a vengeance. It’s the result of a highly specialized know-how, combining a variety of complex chemical processes, that very few craftsmen are still familiar with today. Richard Orlinski is an artist who constantly reinvents himself. Seduced by this technique, he had to use it. To do so, he enlisted the help of the only craftsman in Europe to master the technique!

Fractal resin relies on subtle chemical processes, transforming liquid material into a unique piece through molecular catalysis, followed by manual reconstruction. After firing and polishing at high temperature, the resin displays a delicate finesse. After a meticulous sequence of destruction and reconstruction, the material is carefully sculpted by hand to achieve a unique, almost magical effect… The resin reveals a unique effect of fragmented, crystal-like flakes.

Come and discover our selection of “Full Fractal” sculptures in our Paris and Saint-Tropez showcases!