This summer, a selection of Richard Orlinski’s sculptures will be on show at the Hublot boutique in Saint-Tropez!

In collaboration with Hublot, the artist has created watch models on the borderline between vintage and neo-futurism, reminiscent of his works inspired by the Pop art movement. Looking to the future, the watch hand becomes a symbolic metaphor for Richard Orlinski: through its continuous movement, it embodies infinity.

The fusion of our two worlds – Hublot’s, which uses precious materials to create exceptional products, and my own, a colorful universe inspired by Pop art – happened spontaneously, almost naturally.”

Watchmaking enthusiasts can continue their discovery of the artist’s world by visiting our Tropezian showcase, just a few meters away.


70 rue du Général Allard
+33(0)4 94 45 63 58